Nature Meditations Deck

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This nature-inspired deck makes it easy to tap into the restorative powers of nature. Each card features a bite-size meditation or visualization practice, designed to help people connect to the therapeutic benefits of the natural world. By simply pulling a card, users can create a moment of calm and clarity in their day, whether they're sitting beneath a tree in the backyard, strolling through a local park, or gazing out their window. Delivered in an attractive, portable box filled with illustrated cards, Nature Meditations Deck is a lovely gift or self-purchase for nature lovers, meditators, and anyone looking for some relief from the stresses of daily life.

Perfect for:

  • anyone interested in personal growth and mindful living
  • self-care enthusiasts
  • mindfulness enthusiasts
  • yogis and meditators
  • families who want to practice mindfulness in the outdoors

Kenya Jackson-Saulters is the cofounder of the Outdoor Journal Tour and We Hike to Heal, organizations that empower people to heal, grow, and thrive using a combination of mindfulness teachings and outdoor activities. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

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