Moebius Twisted Band Ring

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Named for the Moebius strip, this ring is a single twist in an otherwise continuous loop. The Moebius strip is the simplest non-orientable surface, in mathematical terms. In a more abstract way, it is a principle that can be applied to life itself. We must reorientate our view of the world in order to keep moving along the constantly rotating surface that is our own personal perspective.

- Available in size 7, 8.

- Packaged in a tin gift box and includes a polishing cloth.

- PxB exclusive tenth anniversary collection, with custom etching on inner band.

- Composed of 1.5 micron 18k gold plated 0.925% sterling silver (hallmarked), ceramic e-coating.

- Meets Canadian standard definition of vermeil, at least 1 micron of gold plating of sterling silver.

- Hypoallergenic nickel and lead free.

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