Modern Block Printing

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Modern Block Printing explores the ancient craft of printing by hand, through contemporary and simple designs.Rowan Sivyer demonstrates the versatility of this beautiful medium through 17 easy projects: from greeting cards to printing on fabric and clay, to ideas for making homewares such as cushions and lampshades and even making your own unique Christmas ornaments and gift wrap.

Starting with the techniques, the easy-to-follow instructions take you through every step of the process, including choosing and caring for tools, through design essentials, carving and printing techniques, and even history of this ancient craft.Rowan is often inspired by nature, particularly in her homelands of New Zealand and Australia. Modern Block Printing showcases these influences through Rowan's use of pattern and color, before teaching readers how to transform their prints into beautiful objects to gift or decorate the home with.With beautiful photography and stunning design, Modern Block Printing is the essential modern maker's guide to printing by hand.

Rowan Sivyer, AKA Little Rowan Redhead, is a visual artist who lives in Sydney, Australia. Rowan paints, carves or prints every day. She is fuelled by a creative curiosity that has been with her from childhood. Since 2017 Rowan has also shared sharing her passion for printmaking with others teaching workshops in Sydney and beyond and online.

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